I can't decide what I love more: these leggings or this community! I've purchased 6 pairs of both capris and leggings over the past few months and I keep coming back for more because they are so comfortable, strong, durable, and flattering. I receive so many compliments on my NamasteFits wherever I go! But what makes this business even more attractive is the way they support and encourage their customers in their fitness journeys. It's so fun to see them feature real people in all shapes, sizes, and stages of fitness sporting their products. NamasteFit Life is the best!

Jennifer Shelton 


 "These are the best feeling, best fitting and most gorgeous yoga pants I have ever worn. They are stitched with minimal seams and the fabric is thick, so I know they're gonna last.

They are comfortable without feeling like pajamas and style-y enough to wear well outside of my yoga practice. The patterns are fun and super flattering. If you you have a great ass, you'll look fantastic! If you have mediocre ass, you will look great.

Thanks, NamasteFit Life! I know where I'll be buying my yoga pants from now on."

~Michelle Wiley


Treated myself to the Ganesh printed leggings and was not disappointed. At 6'3" (1,89m) it's hard to find leggings that fit properly and are fun to look at. Those just make me want to go to the gym more to show them off! They fit well and sit well. I'm coming back for more!! Thanks for answering all my initial questions without delay! You've got new raving fan from the Netherlands!!

~Ariane Bonke




"I love my leggings! They are so comfortable and I feel so beautiful in them! I get tons of compliments (on my pants) when I have them on! I love the fun and colorful patterns! I can't wait to get more! Thank you!"

~Cheryl Houy (too many pair to count!)


 "Loving my leggings y'all!!!! Spoke with Ashleigh, the owner and told her they make me feel like Sandy in Grease!!! Super feel, great fit, stay in place during my yoga shenanigans! Thanks guys for an awesome legging! #leggingaddict"

Shara Sklar


Love these!! So vibrant!! Feel great!! I get compliments everywhere I go!!

Pam Strauss (Vivienne capris)

 "I LOVE how bright the colors are! They make me happy when I wear them � The material is super breathable and comfortable and the fit is perfect. A great company and wonderful service!"

Andrea Carlisle



"Style, comfort, and quality-the yoga apparel trifecta! And so easy to care for, love them!"

~Jamie Gibbons Osborne (14 pair) 


 "Gorgeously vibrant designs that are functional in fitness or for everyday wear. My NF leggings go from the gym to outdoor adventure yoga to church and everywhere in between.  And the knowledge, the heart, and the passion that Ashleigh & TJ bring to all aspects of fitness training is evident & lasting. I've been trained in the gym, guided in yoga, and coached in the water by each of them for years. There is no one I'd rather have looking out for my life & fitness goals, or my form & growth along the way!"

~Nicole Ortiz (Darby Leggings pictured)


"I love my Nebula folds! They are comfortable and flattering at the same time-definitely my new favorite leggings!"

~Melissa Terry Lampris


"The performance gear I have from NamasteFit is hands down THE BEST. I own minis (shorts) and leggings and I wear both across all of my workouts - cross training, weight training, running, circuits, yoga, everything! Not only are the designs stunning, bright and unique, but they STAY IN PLACE no matter what sort of movement I'm doing that day. So many other leggings or shorts constantly fall or creep up but not NF. And on top of that, this is a small, family run business that gives back to their community. You seriously cannot top these guys. I can't wait to add more to my closet!"

~KT Grant



 "Support small businesses!!!!
My favorite leggings of all time �
Beautiful and comfortable. I get a ton of compliments when I wear them.
I ordered more!!!"  ~Claudia Strauss 



"In May, I bought the Virginia map - inspired pants for my wife. Although I picked the pattern for my own nostalgia/sentiment, she fell in love with the fit and durability! Also, they're unique and have proved an effective conversation starter! Why blend in when you can stand out with the NamasteFit patterns?!"



 "I have a few pairs from this awesome line and I can tell you I absolutely love them.
The Guppy legging has the brightest colors and the most original design.... And they slide on so comfortably!
The Padma Green has the most delightful shades of green I have ever seen! They instantly bring a smile to my face. They stay put during my practice and feel so smooth
Definitely love my NamasteFitLife leggings ❤️

 Lily Gomez 



"Love these pants! The most BEAUTIFUL designs, super sweet owner and pants fit like a dream"

~Devyn Gutierrez


"Unique and creative patterns that are so comfortable! Great value for these one-of-a-kind line. Keep up the great work!"

Love supporting small business and this family in particular 💞💞 Thanks for sharing your talent and passion with the world 🌎 "

Here is a pic!

~Jean Hern 

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