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NamasteFit is not only a Legging line, it’s a family, a true small company that is motivated by movement, fun and charity.  We strive to encourage an active lifestyle one bright piece of apparel at a time. We are looking for active, empowering yogis/athletes/adventure seekers that have community focus and outgoing personalities.

Think you might be a NamasteFit Chick or Omboy? 

Ask yourself:

Are you active and adventurous?

Do you seek to inspire, help and empower others?

Do you share your journey via social media, at studios, and gyms?  

Do you live brightly and love to boldly express yourself?  

We are always on the look out for company reps that are NamasteFit. 

NamasteFit has expanded its reach to 20 countries over the first year in business, and our ambassadors are a huge part of our mission. 

Fill  out:

NamasteFit Life: Currently we have a group of around 30 inspiring souls who work in a fitness or yoga profession, and/or whom we believe live an inspired, active lifestyle that aligns with our Company.

1. First of all, what makes you a great candidate for  NamasteFit?: 



 2.How do you make a living?

3. What do you do to stay active?

4. What's one crazy thing on your bucket list?

 5. Are you active on Social Media? Do you share your adventures and love of activity? (Since we are predominantly an online marketplace Social media is pivotal to sharing our ambassadors, not a deal breaker of course, but we love the connection we have with our ambassadors through social media)

What are your handles:



 6. If you could only choose one mode of transportation, what would it be? 

 7.  Where is the craziest place you have practiced yoga or worked out? 

 8. If you could ONLY choose one Item from Our shop to show up on your doorstep now which would you pick? 

9. If you had no restrictions, where would you go right now? 

10. Do you own any items from our store currently, if so, what is your Favorite?



I give NamasteFit permission to share my photos via social media and on their website.  ______(initial)


***Requirements:  We ask that our Ambassadors represent our Apparel company only, post at least 2x a month wearing any product from our Line as well as place a personal or gift order 1x every 3 months. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in a termination of ambassadorship

Signature of applicant: ________________________________________                       


 We select a few new ambassadors monthly, and email all the details and perks.  






TM NamasteFit.