HI! We are NamasteFit, we are a small family owned line (yep seriously, Wife, Husband and three rascally kids,) and our whole goal with this company is to promote Well being, to encourage Movement, and to make you feel dang good in the process. This apparel line was born of Ashleigh's love of fitness, of art, and of the desire to Live in Leggings. We love fancy pants, obviously, but we also love functionality and apparel that's easy to take care of. We design ALL of our leggings, in our home studio, and in collaboration with other artists and Yogis. Each of our items are printed, hand pressed and sewn per order, not in factories, or overseas, but by well paid artisans and printer specialists. We strive to bring our customers Bright, Bold and Fun prints that they don't want to take off. We are blessed to have built an incredible community of customers, like seriously other companies should be jealous! We have empowering, loving, funky, quirky, strong women and men rocking our Line, and participating in our Fitness classes and SUP Lessons. That's right, we are also personal trainers, Level 2 SUP instructors, and BOTH of us hold a 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification.

We are so grateful and humbled daily. We know there are millions of big apparel companies, so knowing we have gained your loyalty is priceless.

Did you know that we are a Seva based company?
What is Seva? In the practice of Yoga, Seva is selfless service. EVERY month we take proceeds from the sales of our apparel and Give back to our community and national foundations. check our SEVA page for more info!




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