*Pease make sure you reach out to our current Ambassadors, customers and friends on Social media.  Connect, share, inspire, as these are our TOP PRIORITIES to create a Community, not just reps.

**Submit completed form to, simply Copy and Paste the Fill Out section into your email.**

NamasteFit is not only an apparel line, it’s a true small company that is motivated by movement, fun, self care, and charity.  We strive to encourage an active, supportive and community connected lifestyle one bright piece of apparel at a time.

Think you might be a good fit in our ambassador family??

 Ask yourself this...

Do you share your community driven lifestyle via social media, in your community, at studios, schools, or gyms?  Do you love to support ethical manufacturing and small business? Do you seek to connect with a variety of people who can support, encourage and challenge you to grow? Do you actively give back or serve non profits or charities, or want to be better at it?

We are always on the look out for company representatives that can answer Yes without hesitation.

NamasteFit has expanded it's reach to 25 countries, and our ambassadors are a huge part of our mission to connect and inspire worldwide. 

Fill  out:

1. Why are you drawn to NamasteFit?

2. Do you currently own any of our apparel or accessories?

3. What do you do to stay active, engaged, connected to yourself?

4. What's one crazy thing on your adventure list?

5. Do you stay active on Social Media? Were you referred to us by a customer or ambassador?

6. Are you willing to share photos, videos, participate in challenges and giveaways via social media? 


(Since we are predominantly an online marketplace Social media is pivotal to sharing our ambassadors, not a deal breaker of course, but we love the connection we have with our ambassadors through social media)

7: What are your handles/pages?



 8. Where is the craziest/coolest/most impactful  place you have practiced yoga, worked out, or visited? 

9. If you could ONLY choose one Item from our shop to show up on your doorstep now which would you pick? 

10. If you had no restrictions, where would you go right now? 


I give NamasteFit permission to share my photos via social media and on their website.  ______(initial)


*Note: Customers always get first chance at being selected because it's so important that you know our brand/fit/process if you wish to represent us*

 We ask that our Ambassadors represent/and or promote our Apparel company ONLY, (other non comparable companies will be determined case by case but we are not in the business of mass recruiting reps for profits like most companies)


  We do require ambassadors post on Social media at least 2x a month wearing any product from our Line as well as place a personal or gift order 1x every 3 months. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in a termination of ambassadorship without warning. 

Signature of applicant: ________________________________________                       


 We select a few new ambassadors every few months and email all the details and perks


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